Meet the team

Meet our 20-person team, who have more than 175 accumulated years of eye care experience.

Collage of Wellington team


Mr Arthur Cummings-headshot

Mr Arthur Cummings

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon & Medical Director
Dr Paul Kenna-headshot

Dr Paul Kenna

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Medical Retina Specialist

Management Team

Lisa McLoughlin RGN RM BSc-headshot

Lisa McLoughlin RGN RM BSc

Clinic ManagerJoined in 1992
Liz Brennan BSc MSc-headshot

Liz Brennan BSc MSc

Clinical Support/ Research Manager Joined in 2013
Catriona Blake-headshot

Catriona Blake

Administration ManagerJoined in 2016
Ann-Marie Masterson FAOI-headshot

Ann-Marie Masterson FAOI

Optometry ManagerJoined in 2002

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Administrative and Clinical Team

Amy Hamill FAOI-headshot

Amy Hamill FAOI

OptometristJoined in 2019
Elaine Corrigan FAOI-headshot

Elaine Corrigan FAOI

OptometristJoined in 2021
Cian Gildea FAOI-headshot

Cian Gildea FAOI

OptometristJoined in 2014
Annie Coen BSc MSc-headshot

Annie Coen BSc MSc

Ophthalmic TechnicianJoined in 2016
Shannon Widlicki BSc-headshot

Shannon Widlicki BSc

Ophthalmic TechnicianJoined in 2018
Tara Carey BSc-headshot

Tara Carey BSc

Ophthalmic TechnicianJoined in 2017
Sophie O'Shea RGN-headshot

Sophie O'Shea RGN

Ophthalmic NurseJoined in 2019
Niamh Kennedy RGN-headshot

Niamh Kennedy RGN

Ophthalmic NurseJoined in 2021
Mary Clancy RGN-headshot

Mary Clancy RGN

Ophthalmic NurseJoined in 2017
Stephanie Woods-headshot

Stephanie Woods

AdministratorJoined in 2018
Ciara O’Brien-headshot

Ciara O’Brien

AdministratorJoined in 2019
Keelan O’Mahony-headshot

Keelan O’Mahony

AdministratorJoined in 2021
Rachel Rigley-headshot

Rachel Rigley

AdministratorJoined in 2011