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We see patients with a wide range of other eye conditions. A referral from your local Optometrist or GP is required to see Mr Cummings for a general eye examination.

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Full eye examination

In addition to our surgical services, we also offer a general ophthalmology service. We conduct a full eye examination to check eye health and provide diagnosis and/or treatments for a wide range of other eye conditions. We also offer full eye examinations for those who just wish to have a thorough eye health check, perhaps if there is a family history of eye conditions such as macular generation or glaucoma. A full eye examination is recommended every 2 years for most patients. 

A full eye examination includes: 

  • intraocular pressure test
  • refraction (checking your prescription) 
  • slit lamp examination (looking at your eye under the microscope) 
  • dilation drops (to dilate your pupil, allowing a clear view of the back of the eye)
  • dilated exam (Consultant Ophthalmologist will check the health of the back of the eye) 
  • additional scans as indicated or required by the doctor

Some of our most popular general ophthalmology services include:

  • YAG laser capsulotomy
  • YAG laser peripheral iridotomy for narrow angles
  • Bynocs amblyopia management
  • Cyst removals

YAG laser capsulotomy

After a lens replacement or cataract procedure, a layer of cells may grow over the back surface of the lens capsule that the IOL is resting on - it is nothing more than the original lens attempting to grow another lens. This is called posterior capsular opacification or PCO and it causes the vision to become blurred, much like it was before the cataract procedure. This is easily corrected with a procedure called a YAG laser capsulotomy which we perform at a day appointment at the clinic. A YAG-laser is used to create an opening in the posterior capsule and this provides clear vision again as you look through the new opening instead of a clouded layer of cells. Your local optician may refer you to us for a YAG laser capsulotomy if they suspect you have posterior capsular opacification. 

Click the video below to learn more about YAG laser capsulotomy

YAG laser peripheral iridotomy

Narrow angle glaucoma can be managed at the clinic two ways. The doctor may recommend a Custom Lens Replacement procedure or a YAG laser peripheral iridotomy which is a procedure performed at a clinic appointment. You can find out more about Custom Lens Replacement here. A YAG laser peripheral iridotomy is performed when the angle of the anterior (front) chamber of the eye is narrow and the patient is at risk of an angle closure attack. A YAG laser device is used to create a drainage hole in the iris (coloured part of the eye) in a discreet area (usually under the upper eyelid) and this additional drainage hole significantly reduces the risk of an angle closure attack. 


Watch the video below to learn more about YAG peripheral iridotomy.


Amblyopia is the medical name for a lazy eye. Up until recently, lazy eye could only be treated by patching one eye, before the age of 7-8 years of age. That has changed with dichoptic therapy and Bynocs is the platform that has provided our patients with the most impressive results in treating lazy eye in adult patients, all without patching and in the comfort of your own home. Bynocs works by getting patients to use a software application (not too dissimilar to a video game) to complete a number of exercises. The exercises are specifically designed to strengthen the weak/ lazy eye. 

You can read more about Bynocs here: https://www.bynocs.com/

Cyst removals

Small hard lumps that appear on the eyelids are often cysts. They occur when the meibomian glands, which line the eye lids, become blocked. In the first instance, these cysts should be treated with hot compresses and meibomian gland expression. If the cyst(s) does not respond to this treatment then it may be necessary to surgically remove the cyst. We do this at the clinic in our dedicated theatre. 

Click the video below to learn more about meibomian gland dysfunction and how to perform hot compresses. 



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YAG laser capsulotomy


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YAG laser peripheral iridotomy


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Cyst removal


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