Laser Vision Correction

Laser vision correction procedures to improve your vision and provide you with more visual freedom.

€2700 per eye

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What is it?


Laser vision correction, often referred to as laser eye surgery, is the term used to describe a group of procedures that use excimer lasers and/or femtosecond lasers to reshape the front surface of the eye (known as the cornea). Reshaping the cornea with laser vision correction procedures can remove the need for glasses and/or contact lenses to see well.

The Benefits Are Clear

  • Quick procedures that normally take less than 15 minutes per eye
  • Little downtime with improvements to vision seen almost immediately for most
  • Increased freedom from glasses and/or contact lenses

How does it work?

Laser vision correction improves your vision by reshaping the cornea (front clear window of your eye) with a laser. Our laser procedures are performed in our dedicated theatre at the clinic. There are different methods of laser vision correction, and your advanced visual analysis exam will guide us to the most appropriate procedure for your eyes and your lifestyle. 

Why do I need it?

Refractive errors explained

How do I know if it’s right for me?

What makes me a good candidate?

Laser procedures explained

The different laser procedures that we offer

For the technology lovers

The technology we use and why we believe it is the best for the laser procedures we do

What To Expect

The first step is to book a consultation with one of our Optometrists. During this appointment you will undergo a number of tests and scans and your visual needs will be assessed. After reviewing your tests and scans, the Optometrist will discuss possible surgery options and advise which procedure you are most suitable for. This appointment will last up to 2.5 hours.

Please note: Your pupils will be dilated so you will be unable to drive for the remainder of the day following the clinic appointment. Contact lenses must be left out 2 days (soft lenses) and 3 weeks (for hard lenses) prior to an evaluation as they distort the natural shape of the cornea.

On the day of surgery, while the procedure only takes 15 minutes per eye (and seconds for the laser) you will be in the clinic for approximately 2 hours. This allows time to complete additional pre-op scans, answer any questions you may have, discuss and sign your consent form and go through your postoperative instructions before your procedure. When your procedure is over, you will relax in our recovery room for approximately 30 minutes. You will be checked at the slit-lamp microscope by one of the clinical team before leaving the clinic. We ask that you have a family member/ friend collect you at the clinic after your procedure.

We advise all patients to go home and rest on the day of their procedure. Medication packs are provided and they contain antibiotic drops as well as pain relief should you need it. Most patients find the procedure comfortable with only mild discomfort for the remainder of the day. You will return to the clinic for post-operative visits as per the below schedules: 

  • LASIK - Day 1, 6 weeks, 6 months
  • Surface Ablation LASEK/ TE-PRK/ PRK - Day 1 (phone call), day 6, 4 - 10 weeks, 6 months

I am an experienced eye surgeon myself, I had to consider, where I should visit to perform the procedure. For many years I was using contact lenses, but these were no longer good for me. I considered LASIK on my eyes. As I am an experienced eye surgeon myself, I had to consider, where I should visit to perform the procedure. As I have known Dr Arthur Cummings and the Wellington Eye Clinic for many years, I decided to visit Dr Cummings. His excellence, his warm-hearted art, his attitude to perfection are well known and convinced me to give my eyes to his hands. Also, his staff and colleagues are so kind and care about absolutely everything, that I just felt like visiting my family rather than a clinic. The procedure lead to a perfect result. Today for more than 40 years it is the first time, that I am able to look at my environment without any prosthesis. It is an overwhelming experience, and still after a week I sit down and only enjoy looking – at everything: I do not read the newspaper, but look at the contrasts changing on the paper in the light and those little particles in the material. It was three days after LASIK that I could do my work as a microsurgeon again, everything worked perfectly. As a result, I am convinced, the Wellington Eye Clinic and Dr Arthur Cummings are clearly recommended.

Frequently asked questions

Does the procedure hurt?
How long will it take before I can see?
Is laser vision correction safe? Do we know the effects in 30 or 40 years time?
Is it possible to treat distance and near vision with laser vision correction?
What is a laser vision correction enhancement? Why would I need it?
How long until I can resume normal activites again after my laser eye surgery?


Before treatment

Vision Correction Initial Consultation



Laser vision correction (LASIK, LASEK, TE-PRK, PRK, StreamLight)

€2700 per eye

Follow Ups

Typically you should come for a check up at least once every 2 years.

First 12 months

No Charge

12 months - 4 years (Doctor & Optometrist)


12 months - 4 years (Optometrist Only)


After 4 years (Doctor & Optometrist)


Additional scans may be required with additional cost of €60 each. Maximum 2 scans chargeable per visit.

After 4 years (Optometrist Only)


Additional scans may be required with additional cost of €60 each. Maximum 2 scans chargeable per visit.


Approximately 5% of patients will need an enhancement procedure. This is rare. But we want to be transparent and open with you from the start. No hidden fees here!

Laser vision correction enhancement procedure

No Charge

Enhancement to the same target and if initial surgery was within the last 5 years.

Laser vision correction enhancement procedure (if initial surgery was more than 5 years ago)

€2200 per eye

Enhancement to a new target and/or if initial surgery was more than 5 years ago. Fee includes surgery fee, postoperative medications, one year of follow up appointments and 5 year warranty.

Couple sightseeing without glasses

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