Pricing and Finance

Why Rent Your Vision When you can #OwnYourEyesight

Pricing & Finance Options

An overview on the cost of surgery and the finance options we have available

The only treatment once the cataract is impacting vision significantly is cataract surgery

Laser Surgery Pricing

If you are deemed suitable for laser surgery, the cost will then depend on the type of laser you are suitable for, either LASIK or LASEK, and whether you have health insurance or not. With health insurance we offer you a discount and the price is either €1900 or €2100 per eye. If you do not have health insurance then the cost is €2300 or €2500 per eye. Whether or not you need both eyes corrected depends on the outcome of your consultation.

Our evaluations usually last for around 2.5 hours. They are very thorough and involve a number of tests and scans. Our goal is to determine the absolute best type of procedure for you. Once your tests are carried out you will meet with your potential surgeon who will consult with you one to one about your options. The cost of a full consultation is €125.

Finance Overview

Paying for your surgery at Wellington Eye Clinic is now easier. We have become a registered partner with Flexi-Fi so you can now spread the cost of your procedure; an alternative to paying with cash or credit card.

It is easy to apply. Here is how it works:

        1. Decide with your surgeon what the right procedure for you is and get a quote from our staff
        2. Apply online by clicking the link below (minimum €1,000)
        3. Get up to €15,000 approved in minutes*
        4. Receive approval number by text
        5. Complete the payment of your procedure with Wellington Eye Clinic staff

Get a Quote


There is an application fee paid upfront upon approval (€35) and a monthly fee to run your account (€3.50). These fees are included in your credit and payment schedules; itemised on your payment schedule so you know exactly how much you are paying.


Simply click APPLY HERE below and follow the easy steps. The application is fast and easy and approval takes only a matter of minutes*. Having a mobile phone number and email address is required to enjoy the benefits of Flexi-Fi, as the Flexi-Fi team will keep in touch with you through texts and emails during your application process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Wellington Eye Clinic, or contact Flexi-Fi directly on 01 960 1601.

Please keep in mind, you must also meet the following criteria:

-Be at least 21 years of age
-Be an Irish citizen or permanent resident of Ireland
-Earn a minimum taxable income of €21,000 per year
-Have a current credit/debit card and a Photo ID
-Have a good credit history

During your Flexi-Fi assessment, additional documents (e.g. recent bank statement, utility bill or payslip) may be requested to support your application. Once we have all we need, you will receive a credit decision within minutes*

Apply Here

*Fees, terms and conditions apply. Subject to credit assessment and approval.

Flexi-Fi is governed by the laws applicable to the Republic of Ireland. Flexi-Fi is underwritten by Flexi-Fi Europe Limited, Company Number: 600124.